We are a group of experienced chefs and a lot of enthusiasm. After years of working in different restaurants, we decided to offer our services under our own brand.

We can prepare a feast for you at your own place or at a few special places we have picked out. You can also hire a chef for a romantic dinner for two. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the dishes afterwards, our chefs do that for you. If you own a restaurant and have increased workload, you can contact us and hire expirienced chefs.

We have recently started to grow our own herbs, spices (basil, thyme, two species of mint and lemon grass) and micro greens (mustard, radish and broccoli). In our line of work we often came across a shortage of fresh herbs especialy in the winter time. So we decided to grow our own herbs in a controled environment. We grow enough to supply a couple of restaurants with our homegrown crops.


Kuharjev vrt (Chefs Garden) – Robert Pavlin s.p.

Britof 287

4000 Kranj


tel: +386 41 746 643